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         Ingrid Praniuk

Vocologist specialized in Vocal Health, Stage Fright & Performance Anxiety,

Voice Professor, Speech and Singing Vocal Instructor, Musician, Actress





Sessions are a package of six 60 minutes private lessons for $600.One hour session is $120 for a 60 minutes session , $65 for a 30 minutes session.

 Sessions are never webinars or prerecorded videos & customized to your goals & needs. Sessions are via SKYPE. 

All ages (children-seniors) and all levels are welcomed from beginners to professionals .

Ingrid Praniuk is available for speaking engagements, work meetings, podcasts, & workshops.


Speaking Voice Sessions
Learn how to speak with
Power, Confidence and Clarity by
learning vocal projection, voice gender, professional speech articulation, accent improvement, 
speech tonal sound quality 
improvement and/or speech pitch
sound quality improvement. 
Excellent for CEOs, actors,
podcasters, business men,
business women, public speakers, comedians and more.





Booking, prices and Payments: 

  • Please email to book your sessions

  • Payments: PayPal, Venmo, cash. 

  • Special rates and bartering is accepted as payment for seniors and others. Email what skills or products you are willing to barter. 

  • Payment is due at the time of booking your session and prior to having your session. There is a 48 hour cancelation policy for rescheduling. 

Thank you!


Ingrid Praniuk



Cutting-edge vocologist specialized in vocal health, voice teacher for actors and singers and holistic wellness therapist, Ingrid Praniuk, is passionate about teaching music and voice and a passion for incorporating holistic wellness and vocal health in ever aspect in one's life.

Her skill and ability to teach both voice and musical instruments have led her to the forefront of her profession and to work with many professional musicians and Hollywood A-list actors to help them learn and perfect their playing and singing. Her medical vocal knowledge has salvaged professional tours and performance.

Her therapeutic skills have helped numerous adults and children over come social anxiety and stage -fright.

Her holistic wellness therapies has brought relief from chronic stress, insomnia, virtual meetings fatigue, technology fatigue to individuals who tried everything and given up on hope to find relief.

Musicians, Singers , Professional Voice Users and Actors: 

Ingrid Praniuk 's  areas of expertise include specialized in vocal health, therapeutic pain

relieving methods for professional voice users, actors, singers, screamers and musicians and improving the singing voice and preserving vocal health without changing the singer’s signature sound.


Her integrity and respect to protect famous clients’ identities and for their privacy concerns have landed her many coveted jobs and special assignments in both the film/TV and music industries. Behind the silver screen, Ingrid Praniuk trains top Hollywood film and TV actors in voice, piano, music theory, and vocal health.

She can be found backstage in music venues, teaching voice and using vocal stress relieving techniques with professional rock star singers.

After the tragic death of Chester Bennington, Ingrid Praniuk donated all her services

and time as vocal health instructor and voice teacher to train musicians to sing safely

in Chester’s higher vocal range for Chester Bennington memorial and tribute concerts.


Music teaching, holistic health/wellness  and medical training background:

Ingrid Praniuk's wealth of music training, experience and research includes working

with world renown ENTs -ear /nose/throat specialists, professors of vocal medicine, vocal and instrumental pedagogy, speech pathologists, Hollywood film and music 

directors, certified master specialist and practitioners of holistic methods and stress relieving techniques including the Alexander Technique, Bodywork: acupressure,

holistic methods, and therapeutic massage for singers and instrumentalists, social

anxiety and stage fright clients. 

Her work with Hollywood film and music directors and record companies makes her especially suited to meet the needs of the industry professional.


In addition to national certification in Holistic Health, Ingrid Praniuk has completed the Hans von Leden, MD Symposium on Voice Care Program, administered by Cedars-Sinai Medical Center. She is a member of The Voice Foundation, a prestigious medical research foundation.

Her vocal medical research gained the attention of the British Voice Association, which invited her to conduct a workshop at the British Voice Association 2010 conference in London, Great Britain.

Ingrid teaches music students at Citrus Community College and in the California public schools. Her music journalism, photography, and monthly vocal advice column were featured in ANGST magazine from 2005- 2010. 


Music background:

As a performance artist, Ingrid Praniuk sings and plays across the full music spectrum, from classical to rock to EDM/electronica to industrial. She performs in several local rock and electronica bands as lead singer, songwriter, background vocalist, and/or synthesizer player,keyboardist and has been featured in classical and musical theater showcases. Based on her musical reputation, without a demo or audition, Ingrid has been appointed as keyboardist for the band of the son of legendary musician Glen Campbell and other rock and electronica bands.

Ingrid Praniuk is available for private lessons, therapeutic sessions, vocal coaching, workshops, live performances, conferences and studio recording .


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Ingrid Praniuk Vocal Studios™


Voice mail: 626.968.4071 (no text please)

Instagram: ingridpraniukvocalstudios

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